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than food for the SOUL.



Taste of Soul Ithaca

Bringing our Ithaca community together to celebrate the diversity that makes our community great through food.  

Taste of Soul Ithaca brings local African and American chefs from diverse cultural backgrounds together to celebrate and honor the richness and diversity of our community through Cuisine. Taste of Soul Ithaca is a 1-day event featuring 6 local chefs and over 18 authentic cultural dishes along with Music, Live Entertainment, Unique Shopping and local partners interacting with event-goers, providing information, coupons and more.

The Food

Food is a lot of people's therapy - when we say Soul Food, we really mean that.  Soul Food is the ultimate comfort food.  It's not trendy it's not dazzling. It's just love.

Meet Our Caterers

We have some of Ithaca's finest chefs and caterers participating.

Real Black People Food Made By Real Black People!

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